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Apartments are the best options for homes if you prefer to live within the city. This is because of various reasons, and one of them is about the accessibility of multiple locations near the area. 

Besides that, people choose to live in apartments because of their various types that create a unique environment and atmosphere. Additionally, each type of apartment gives you more ideas on unique interior designs because of the unit’s layout. Without further ado, here are the different types of apartments you can find in cities:

  1. Studio type apartments

Studio types are the best choice of apartment for first-timers because their sizes are good for one to two persons. In terms of appearance, this type of apartment is basically one large room where the bed, living and kitchen areas are joined together. In this apartment type, there are no divisions except for the toilet and bathroom. 

Living inside a studio apartment is great for single people because of the cosy space. Additionally, it is easier for you to clean this kind of unit, which saves you time, energy and cleaning products.

  1. Alcove apartments

Another type of a studio apartment is the alcove type, which has an L-shaped layout. As you open the door to this unit, the kitchen is the first thing you will see. When you turn the corner, you will find the living room and bedroom in front of you. The bathroom in this kind of apartment is placed in a separate room.

The shape of alcove apartments creates an illusion of large spaces since it sort of marks a division between the living room and kitchen. Although this is true, this type of unit is just slightly bigger than studios, and alcoves are usually found in the corners of a floor.

  1. Convertible studio

A slightly bigger update to a normal studio apartment is the convertible studio type. Imagine a studio unit with a space that allows you to put a divider between the living and bedroom; that is what a convertible studio would look like. This kind of layout is a good way to create privacy between your personal space and guests due to the divider. 

Aside from that, convertible studios have more depth and dimensions compared to normal studio apartments. Additionally, its layout gives you a lot of ideas for enhancing your place with an adaptive interior design.

  1. Convertible flex apartments

There are some apartment units that offer large spaces for you to customize, and this situation is usually applicable to convertible flex apartments. In some apartment buildings, there are one-bedroom units that have a lot of extra space, which makes you wonder if it is possible to place another divider to create an additional bedroom.

While this is allowed, not all buildings allow this kind of modification due to intrusiveness to other residents. Although, you can still inquire about it with your building’s manager to see if you are qualified to do such a thing.

  1. Loft apartments

When you are idly walking along the streets, you would probably notice that there are buildings with great height yet there are only a few rooms within them. One of the explanations for this is that all rooms have a loft type setup, which means that the ceilings are high.

With this kind of layout, the usual design of a loft apartment would be a living room and kitchen upon entrance. On top is a floating bedroom that you can access by adding a staircase at the side. Overall, this type of apartment is so modern and chic that almost all units of these would become sold out in an instant.

  1. Duplexes and triplexes

Have you ever imagined if it is possible for an apartment unit to have multiple rooms inside? Well, this is already answered because some apartment buildings offer duplexes or triplexes! These units can have two or three floors, respectively, which gives you more space to decorate and put furniture.

In reality, you can use the additional floors for any type of purpose, but the most common use is for sleeping and privacy. 

  1. Garden apartment

Plant lovers and florists now have the option to be one with their greeneries when they choose to live in a garden apartment. These units are usually located on the ground floor of the building since it will need soil for planting. Aside from that, you can find the garden in the backyard of the unit, which is completely separated from your living spaces.

While this type of apartment is great, you also need to consider the number of responsibilities that you need to uphold. This includes the constant maintenance of your garden so that it will not bring the value of the building down. On top of that, you also need to be extra persistent in exterminating the possible pests that your flowers and plants will attract. You need to make sure that these will not reach your neighbours’ properties.

  1. Railroad apartment

If you prefer to have a large living space inside an apartment building, then you should consider getting a railroad unit. It consists of three to four rooms of a floor, and all their separating walls are removed so that they would all be conjoined. Moreover, railroad apartments are ideal for families because the units have enough rooms and space to accommodate each member.

With the amount of space you can have from this type, it also comes with a steep price. Nevertheless, having a railroad apartment can be the factor that will make your unit cosier and more welcoming.

  1. Penthouse

The best way to live a jet-set life is to have a penthouse unit under your name. This type of apartment is the pinnacle of city-dwelling because of the luxury it offers you. The entire top floor of a building is yours and you are free to style it however you want! Above all, the best part of owning a penthouse is that you have direct and exclusive access to the topmost button of the elevator.

Guides on how to have a striking yet welcoming interior

Once you decide what type of apartment you want to have, you now need to think about its interior. The design of your unit will have a great impact on your overall mood, which can be a make or break situation. That is why you should give it some thought so you can maximise your space. Here are some tips that will guide you in getting the kind of interior for your apartment:

  1. What kind of theme do you want to have?

The first thing you need to have in mind is the overall theme of your unit. Following a theme will create a sense of unity and continuity to all the rooms or sections inside your apartment. This, in turn, can be your place’s wow factor that will surely impress your guests.

Aside from that, having a theme is what will let you decide on the kind of furniture and design that you want to have in your home. With this, you can create harmony and good emotions.

  1. Colours are everything

Some people might not think of this, but colours affect your daily mood because of how your mind randomly associates each hue with memory or object. If your house is full of dull colours, it can create a suffocating feeling that will negatively affect your mental state. That is why you should choose your colours wisely, and at the same time, create great harmony and balance with all tones.

  1. Think about what you do not like

The best way to eliminate unnecessary and unpleasant objects inside your unit is to think about what you do not like. Your mind will automatically create a list that will tick everything you find unattractive. Consequently, this will help you narrow down your choices and let you arrive at a final decision of what you want to see inside your home.

  1. Adapt with the amount of space you have

It is great to dream big and become idealistic, but at one point, you need to work well with reality. Your design visions might be great for a grand villa, but applying them to an apartment will not work well. That is why you should always keep in mind the amount of space you have. With the right measurements and dimensions, you can consider what furniture you should place on the corner of your room or in the dining area. 

  1. Think outside the box

Sometimes, boxing yourself in one vision or goal can hinder your creativity, which is bad for your room design. Now and then, you should try to think outside the box to get more ideas and add more personality to your unit. Additionally, this will let you see your apartment from a different perspective, which can help improve the entire layout of objects. 

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